COZ Coffee Roasting Co.

Coz Coffee Roasting Company is a Cozumel based business founded at the end of 2015 with a mission to roast the best mexican specialty and gourmet coffees. We started with high alitude organic coffee from Vera Cruz and shortly after added Chiapas and Oaxaca to create our blend of three origins. All 3 coffees are high altitude, 100% arabica, shade grown and hand picked. Our standard is to work with a direct/fair trade agreement with the farmers so that we obtain high quality coffee and all parties involved win. We roast small batches of coffee every two days to insure coffee stays fresh. During the first three weeks after roasting, coffee is considered a superfood, full of nutrients and antioxidants. While our primary business is to sell bags of premium coffee, we have different methods of brewing, hot and cold for any palate and also have a very high quality espresso machine to prepare exquisite drinks at our downtown location and also at Discover Mexico.

COZ Coffee Roasting Co.
5Av. / Av. Juares y 2 Nte.
Cozumel 77600, Quintana Roo México.
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